Kendal Police Photo Book

Kendal Police Photo book was started in about 1881, and was used until the Great War. It can be seen in Kendal Archive Centre


It is difficult to know what criteria were used in deciding whom to include in the book. Some serious offenders are missing, whereas some of those who were included hardly seem worth the expense of a photo. Here is the entry of charges against Richard Naylor.

Richard Naylor, itinerant petty offender.

Richard Naylor, itinerant petty offender.

One can see how widely travelled he was, yet his offences were so trivial that he seems to deserve pity more than punishment. Naylor was sentenced to one day for stealing a glass in Oldbury: the following year the same offence merited 3 months in Hampshire.

The Police Gazette, November 1882

Kendal Police had a surprising amount of information on the previous convictions of those shown. Communication was fairly effective, relying on the Police Gazette and the Royal Mail.

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